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NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair 2015

2016 Venue: To be announced soon!
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2016 Projects Start Now!

22/02/2016 - Time to make your teacher read this website and get the students creating ideas! What topic are you interested in? There’s no time like the present. For the older ones you can sign up to our Facebook page for feedback and regular updates.

Teachers need to register their school now here.

Students, find out if your school is doing the Fair. If not then talk to us via Facebook to find a mentor for you.

Timeline for 2016

Term one: Plan, design, build, and start recording results for your project! Read the student information pages.

Term two: Complete your project

Term three: Complete presentation boards and compete in your school’s fair. This will be week 1 or 2 for most schools.

August and September: Fair and Prizegiving!

Committee Meetings:
Thursdays - Kings School 4:15pm

Term 1
th March
th April

Term 2
th May
th June

Term 3
th July or 4th August
th September


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“The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair, which is an annual event, celebrates the excellence in scientific and technological investigation carried out by Auckland City Year 7 to Year 13 students.”

From the very big, to the very small.
What will your project be finding out about?