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Science and
Technology Fair

Prizegiving Thursday 7 September, 7pm 
Michael Park School

2023 results are out!

2023 Results are out! If projects have a placing (1,2,3) or a special prize then they stay at the venue. If you have a Highly Commended without a special prize, or a Participation certificate then the projects must be collected today after 5pm. No early removals. Only boards go to the Prizegiving, all logbooks and extra props need to be picked up.
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Michael Park School, Ellerslie   









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My Project

Looking for inspiration and a step by step guide on completing the Science Fair? You've come to the right place. 

How to do research, find a good question, plan your time, record your progress, and understand safety.

How to run an experiment that means something.

Take your project and get it ready to show others.

Things to manage when your project is selected to go to the Fair. 

Congratulations! Now to get ready for the Prizegiving.

Science helps find answers to questions we have about the physical world around us. Technology uses those discoveries to solve problems and improve lives. Its been said "Science and engineering research has become the most powerful force for change in our society," and we agree. The Fair is about encouraging young people towards problem solving and creative discovery. This builds both the students abilities and our countries responsiveness to a wide variety of future challenges. Solutions to pressing problems will continue to emerge in unexpected ways from new knowledge. But they don't happen by themselves, it takes some work!  


  • MY PROJECT - This section helps you through creating a project step by step.
  • FAIR - This section provides more information about us and past winners, as well as extra info for teachers and judges,
  • SPONSORS - This section is all about where the prizes come from and how sponsors can help students with projects.
  • GALLERY and RESULTS - These pages show some of the wonderful people, projects, and places from past fairs.
  • DOWNLOADS - Required forms and information from the website packed into handy pdf files you can download
  • TIMELINE - Right here on the home page. The calandar for the year. 

Download the Info

We recommend downloading our information books and forms for the Fair. They summarise some of the important information that is here on the website. There are all kinds of things to think about like safety, ethics approval, and planning!

“The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair, which is an annual event, celebrates the excellence in scientific and technological investigations carried out by Auckland City Year 7 to Year 13 students.”

Fair Dates
24th-26th August 2023

Judging Friday 25th August

2023 Science Fair Venue

From Thursday 24th August


Navigating the MPS venue for 2023

2023 Prizegiving
Michael Park School

Thursday 7th September, 7pm Main Auditorium     

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide judges, support, and prizes! Take some time to find out what our sponsors are interested in and how they can help with your project.

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